Sunday, February 1, 2015

It's called trust and appreciate.

Someone said, "You're selling well. What's your secret? What are you doing differently?"

Honestly, I'm just trusting my publisher. I'm following their advice because who knows your book best besides you? Your agent if you have one and your publisher. I don't have an agent for the Rival Love Series, so I rely on my publisher's advice. 

If she tells me, "Hey, I think you need to do this." Guess what? I do it. "Hey, I think we should do this." I say okay. Do you know what? It works. You need to have faith in the person who has your book. They want you to succeed just as much as you want to so why wouldn't you follow their advice?

I also thank and adore all my readers. Because without them I'd be nothing. If they write me, I answer them. I never ignore them or put them off. I make time for their questions and answer them. Why? Because again, without these wonderful people I'd be nowhere. 

So here's my advice, trust and appreciate. 

Happy Reading and writing!

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