Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Writing and stuff

As I am currently writing Rival Dreams, I realize deadlines are actually a challenging and rather fun thing. They also can be somewhat of a curse. Depending on your writing mood of course you can get a lot accomplished. If your flow and mind set is there.

While my little ones are on winter break I had planned to write. Get as much in as possible. But here is the thing I didn't really count on, me, winter break, my kids asking me for things every flipping three minutes. I love my kids. I do. I just sometimes find them distracting at all the wrong times.

Needless to say I had a goal to reach at least 30K by Jan 2. I am currently at 20K. YAY! It's been a challenge so far but I do believe I might hit my goals.

How to accomplish reaching goal tips?

1. Time Management

- We all have to clean, work, and get projects done.
Set a schedule. Clean in the morning. Get laundry started and keep doing more loads while going about your day. Unless you have to take it all to the laundry mat. Then ... Do laundry and write if your are a writer. Or answer emails. Do whatever you can do there while you wait for your laundry to be done. It kills two birds with one stone.

2. Things happen plan for them

- Are you ever in the middle of something and an emergency comes up? I've had it happen too.
If you are in the middle of a good scene and it's playing out in your head when ... emergency happens. Don't stress. Grab your cellphone. All of them even the junk flip phone have this. Recorder. Yes. That's totally right. Talk out the scene into your recorder. Then play it back when you get home. This also works if you are scheduling events, setting up a meeting and have certain topics to go over. Record and replay so you don't lose your place.


-Facebook, Twitter, and all social networks are important. But if you are answering every friend request, or getting your candy crush on, or reading your twitter feed for hours you are wasting time.
No more games. I know as addicting as the game is DON'T. Spend no more than 30 minutes on ALL social media and do it once in the morning before Cleaning, Once at night before Bed.
Trust me you get a lot more done this way.

These are some of my helpful tips.
Happy reading

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Counting Down

We're counting down. No! Not to Christmas, but the release of RIVAL HEARTS!

20 more days until RIVAL HEARTS comes out! Are you excited? We are! Our story continues ...

For those who love Skylar and Caleb, thank you so much! I hope you enjoy Rival Hearts as much as I did writing it. Here is a snippet of what's to come ...

I catch a glimpse of Mr. Annoying’s last test and have to hold back a scream. Another A+. Before the move to New York, the only thing I got was A+’s. My eyes dart down to my own paper and I frown at the C- before me. In my last class I got a B and I thought that was the end of the world. This … this is like the end of the universe.
My life has officially hit rock-freaking-bottom. I need a tutor fast, before I can kiss even my partial scholarship to Duke goodbye. The bell rings and I already have my stuff in my hand, heading out the door, when I hear, “Oh, hey! Babycakes, have you finally started stalking me?”
I turn my glare to Malcom. “Why do you keep calling me that? And no, I’m not stalking you.”
“To answer your question, you wrinkle your nose every time I say it, and I find it cute.” He nudges my side. “But seriously, I must ask, what’s up with the frown? No peanuts for your parade?”
“Huh?” Who says that? And what the hell does that even mean?
He laughs and shrugs. “Sorry, my dad has all these dumbass sayings and they rub off.” He smiles. “So, what’s up? You don’t usually look so depressed. Guy troubles? Lacking some attention in the downstairs department?” He nudges me.
“No. Jeez. What’s wrong with you?” What a pervert. But as his words sort of play around in my head, I stop and ask, “And how would you know how I usually look?”
“Damn, the gig is up. Well, I’ve known you were in all my classes since day one. Fun is a good thing, you know. You should try it.” We leave the school and head down the busy sidewalk.

“You know what else is a good thing? Mace.”

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Oh Skylar ...


Every time my phone vibrates against my skin, I freeze as dread washes over me. The police and new superintendent have been trying to find the underlying cause of the school vandalism. At least that’s the message they’ve been leaving on my phone for the past week.
On top of that, my heart literally breaks whenever I see Caleb’s name pop up, via text or phone calls. I could easily pick up the phone, sure, but what is there to say? Hey, I miss you. Wish you were here. I can’t stand this separation. All this stuff is true, but it doesn’t change the situation. I’m here and he’s there. That’s what makes this so hard, knowing we aren’t across the hall or even a few minutes away, but hours from each other. And no one wants to have a relationship like this, especially at our age. So I’ve been avoiding him, too. Hoping that maybe he’ll forget about me.

I walk up to my father’s brownstone. Lidia is already in the living room, entertaining another guy. Third one this week. She props up on his lap and plays with his hair while laughing at nothing that entertaining. I roll my eyes and head up to my room. Her interactions make me miss Caleb even more. I should call him. No, I shouldn’t. Calling him will break me. I’m broken enough.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The wait is over ...

Have you been waiting for RIVAL HEARTS? Are you dying to get a sneak peek at what's to come? Well, the wait is no more. Below is an excerpt, And in the pages is the full chapter feel free to leave comments.

Chapter 1

A letter. A stupid letter.
Almost a week has gone by since Skylar Fletcher left. Looking around, no one would be able to tell a Harris Academy Bulldog was once a student here. And the really shitty part—that girl hasn’t spoken to me since. No texts, calls, how are you’s. Not one flipping word.
I don’t understand. I thought we had something special. Then again, in eighth grade I thought Alison Winters was something special, and she turned around, ripped my heart right out of my chest, and stomped on it a few times. You’d figure I’d learn, and up until August, I was doing just fine. Not letting others in. Keeping my distance. Now look at me. I’m a mess, all because I had to fall for Skylar-freaking-Fletcher.
Might as well hand in my man card because I’ve officially turned into a huge sap. Calling her, texting her, asking how she is and whatever else, but she hasn’t responded.
Lance and Kayla come walking up to the lunch table hand in hand, making my thoughts worse. Kayla glances over at me and drops her smile into a deep frown. “She hasn’t called?”
I wish they’d both quit asking me this damn question. “Nah.”
I force my attention to the Pepsi machines. “I’m sorry, man,” I hear Lance say. “Maybe … she’s waiting for winter break. Five more days.”

Monday, November 3, 2014

Rival Hearts

Caleb is ticked off. Skylar hasn’t answered any of his calls, texts, or emails since her move to New York, virtually cutting him out of her life without warning. So Caleb decides to go after her—and convince her to come back home. 

But even when Skylar realizes her heart does belong at home with Caleb, her uncertainty lingers. Is it safe? Have things changed? 

After the mysterious vandalism to the pool at Delmont High, everyone is desperate for answers they believe Skylar can provide. At first, she’s determined not to run. But when Caleb’s ex-girlfriend unleashes a vengeful surprise, Sky's love for Caleb is threatened. 

Are these two rival hearts ready to fight for their love, or will they have to throw in the towel? 

RIVAL HEARTS is the sequel to the bestselling teen romance novel RIVAL LOVE by Natalie Decker.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Is that a hint?

Lunch finally ends, but Danielle’s clinging continues all the way to her class. She tries to make out with me near a set of lockers, but I make an excuse and bolt to my class. Once Skylar and I started sharing facts about one another, things changed. Not even between us, but within my own self. Especially today. Today of all days, I should be riled up and yelling like everyone else roaming the halls. This is the game of the season. The one that determines who walks away a legend and who walks away a chump.
Instead of being pumped up and focused on the game tonight, I’m worried about Skylar. Her words from this morning have been on my mind more than I’d care to admit. Was she giving me a hint? And why hasn’t she said no to Mr. Chamberlin and Mr. Keegan’s request? It bothers me so much that I decide to take a detour from my sixth period class, and head to my uncle’s room.

Usually I knock on his door and then enter, but this is his free period, so there’s no reason to knock. Walking into his room, I spot him instantly scribbling some stuff on his board behind his desk. “Uncle Brian?”

Sunday, October 26, 2014

All you want is a kiss ...

I’m staring at his mouth with desire, and even dart my tongue out to taste more of the afterthought of mint coating my lips. Caleb blinks and then brushes his lips against my cheekbone, causing a butterfly effect throughout my body so intense I feel as if ten bombs went off inside me. Blood rushes to my face, causing my skin to warm while I desire more of him. I gasp as excitement of wanting more of him fills me.
Caleb pulls away. He has an awkward smile on his face, and the next thing I know he hops off the bed and heads to the door. I don’t know whether or not I should feel grateful or upset. The feelings of desire, want, and need are so intense it scares the crap out of me. And yet, he’s leaving me. Rejection and disappointment wash over me.
He leaves my room without a goodbye. I sit up in my bed and rub my cheek, which oddly enough is still warm and tingly where he kissed me. All the mixed emotions bombard me, and suddenly I’m upset with myself. I’m upset that I allowed myself to fall for him. I’m even more ticked with myself for getting involved in his stupid game. Well it’s not happening again.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Welcome to our crazy world!

Hello Everyone!

This is our first blog post. It sounds so official like asking someone to be your date to Homecoming, Prom, or just in general. For those of you who have never read or heard of RIVAL LOVE by Natalie Decker, here is a little bit of a summary of mine and Caleb's story.

I'm a Harris Academy Bulldog, and have nothing but love for my school. Our rival team, Delmont High home of the Bobcats. Bleck! Everything in my life is perfect. I've got an awesome boyfriend, fantastic friends, and I even have my dream college totally picked out. But my mom decides she wants to take her relationship to the next level with her boyfriend and moves me into the one place that would make my senior year a living hell. That's right, she moved us to Delmont High's territory. UGH!!!

To say people hate me as much as I hate them is an understatement. My peeps dissed me. My boyfriend left. There's no one in the world I'll become a flipping Bobcat so my dream school is magically floating away from me. If this wasn't the total icing to a very sucktastic cake, the room directly across the hall from mine belongs to all-star quarterback Caleb Morgan. Yes, he's the nephew of my mom's live in boyfriend, and it is a nightmare.

Yeah, to say Sky just crashes into my life like a wrecking ball would be putting this mildly. I have to keep up my rep, and this is going to destroy me. Literally! I can't have a Bulldog in my house. My entire senior year of chilling with my boys, partying, playing football, and kicking it with some ladies is now all put on hold. All because my uncle had to fall all madly in love with her mom and ask her to move in. 

Sky being so damn gorgeous, talented in sports (practically famous since every flipping newspaper interviews her) and not to mention the fact she smells so ungodly delicious it's unreal. This girl is going to be the death of me. But her attitude and downright hatred for me puts me in check some of the time. And much as I hate to admit it the girl gets me more than anyone ever could. She calls me out on my bullshit and it's downright scary how right she is when it comes to me.

But no matter how much we might start liking each other we can't be friends, can we? We definitely can't give whatever this between us a go, right? Is it even worth the risk?

This is just some of our story, for more go read RIVAL LOVE by Natalie Decker.