Tuesday, July 14, 2015

How do you do it?

I love when readers ask me questions. I had a reader ask me recently "How do you write a series? Do you forget things?"

Yes, I tend to forget names of like parents or teachers or even coaches so thank goodness for my handy character sheet. Yes, when writing a series I list out all the names I use and what book to find them in or what role they play.

Skylar Fletcher- Main Female Lead
Caleb Morgan- Main Male Lead
Erin Fletcher- Skylar's mom
Brian Timmons- Caleb's uncle on his mother's side

Basically I go on from there. It might be a tedious task but it helps me keep names in check. As for how do I write a series, Outline. I outline my series first book, second, so forth. I make a plan of how many, then set an outline for each book.

Do things change, yes, but with the outline already in place I can easily pick a part or change whatever is needed without having a HUGE case of writer's block which tends to happen.

Happy writing.

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