Wednesday, December 16, 2015


My deadline is coming up fast. Usually this type of thing never bothers me. But this time it does. 

I'm a fast writer, reader, and have turned my work ahead of schedule. I'm the excellent planner. But what I don't want is for my work to look Rushed. And this is why I'm feeling a clutched feeling in my chest. Because I fell short on a plot line. When I did this but continued to write instead of correcting right away I set myself up for a stagnate pause. Not really writer's block because I knew exactly how I want the story to end. And where it should go. But I couldn't seem to get there. An event came first that should have come later, causing my whole middle to be thrown off. 

What do you do? Do you keep writing and fix it later? Hoping there is enough time before the deadline? 

I chose to open a new word doc. Copy and paste the work up to the point where my story took a nose dive, and then worked in some new chapters. Then I plan on going back to the original and copying and pasting the rest of the chapters. Fixing the flow and the Stagnate Pause. 

Is this cutting it close? Yes. But you know what I'd rather do it right then say "eh" and just keep it as is. With the hopes of fixing later. 

What do you do? 

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